Sunday, May 27, 2007


Simple things are best. After all the stress and worry over our little grandson who was born prematurely, having him come home on Friday to sleep, eat, fill his diaper, cry, and then do it all over again seems like such a simple thing and such a blessing. Watching him sleep in his mother’s arms makes me smile and want to cry, all at the same time.

Tonight my mom called and asked a favor. She wants me to stop at a fruit stand tomorrow and bring her two tomatoes. Real tomatoes, with real taste, not like the hard flavorless ones from a supermarket. Simple and so satisfying.

One of my daughters called tonight to report that she had seen a rainbow, full and complete with both ends showing. And her two growing daughters had shopped for groceries and made supper! Hamburgers, chips and a chili/cheese dip. Simple, yet also a milestone in their family life.

Yes, our big celebrations and elaborate productions are wonderful. But these simple moments are the ones that live in our hearts and make our days happy.

Written in response to the prompt at Sunday Scribblings.


Becca said...

You are absolutely right. These are a perfect list of simple pleasures.

I'm so glad your grandson is home and doing well :)

Annie said...

This is a simple truth, isn't it, and you stated it so beautifully.