Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Days!

Oh, Happy Day! Castle is back and just as good as ever. I love that show! I love the snappy writing, the chemistry between the whole cast, and the character development--just about everything! It airs on Mondays at 10:00 p.m.

I watched the show last season and was so happy when it was renewed. Then I worried that the producers and writers would try to tweak the show and ruin it in the process. So far, no worries. The tension and snappy writing are still there. The characters are developing and staying true. I'm a happy camper.

Also, Dancing With The Stars has started again. I love that show even when I know that it is being cheesy. I love the sparkle, the glitter and the dancing--even when the dancing isn't good. I like watching people work and give their best efforts. It's fun--although I do get upset when the judges let their prejudices for or against certain stars show so blatantly. I like being surprised--I was so touched, surprised and moved by Kelly Osbourne's fabulous performance last night. Who would have guessed? She was brilliant and beautiful. So far, I haven't picked a favorite. I will before long, though, I'm sure!

I read Beth Kephart's new book, Nothing but Ghosts, last night. I absolutely love it! I had waited so long to get a copy--and it was worth the wait. I love Kephart's lyrical writing; she knows how to turn a phrase and make me see things in a fresh way. I love the characters that she created. I want to know Katie, the determined, smart, vulnerable heroine and her quirky professorial father, and Ms. McDermott, the stylish librarian. As we learned abut Katie's mother who recently died, I loved her too.

The book has mystery, love, and lessons about how to deal with the grief of losing someone you love. Since I lost my mother almost a year ago, I was seeking answers for myself as I read. And Kephart delivers answers that ring true. We keep on going a step at a time and we open to life, love and beauty. Or we don't. It is our choice. Moreover, she presents the consequences of each choice in a way that illustrates and doesn't lecture or preach or should on us.

You can check out more of Kephart's writing at her blog, Beth Kephart's Books. I am definitely a fan. I've also read her book, House of Dance. It is another young adult book that is worth your time.