Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Many Questions, Same Answer

For a while, everything I read, heard or saw reinforced the idea that walking, meditation and yoga are the answers to multiple problems. Need to lose weight? Walk, meditate, yoga (WMY). Need creative ideas? WMY. Need to kick depression? WMY. Need to lower blood pressure, avoid diabetes, or lower stress? The answer is still WMY. The overlap is always there.

This past week or so, I've been reading about synchronicity, releasing body trauma, and creating more vivid writing. (By the way, my boss asked me, "Do you ever read anything for fun?" I thought I WAS!) Again, I find overlapping answers to these situations.

To release body trauma, become aware of your body sense, what your body touches, hears, smells, sees, etc.

To add sensuality and realism to your writing, drill down into your writing and tell me what the characters touch, hear, smell, see, etc.

To become aware of synchronicity, start noticing what your body touches, hears, smells, sees, etc.

It is all connected. The questions lead to the same answer. And I'm sure that if I start to walk, meditate and do yoga, I will notice what my body touches, hears, smells, sees, etc. And vice versa—if I start noticing what my body touches, hears, smells, sees, etc., soon I will be walking, meditating and doing yoga.

I feel as though I have uncovered a secret to the Universe. It's one of those, "It's so simple, how did I never see it?" moments. I sit and look around and feel peace within.

I am a person who has always lived more in my head than in my body. I've tried different things to become more physical. But the connection just wasn't there. Today, I feel a major shift in perception. I think, "By Jove, I think she's got it!" I think this time it's for real—no, more than just THINK—this time I feel it in my body and my mind. I've found the way in to this body of mine—just look around, notice what it feels, touches, hears, smells, and sees. Move when it needs to move. Sit when it needs to sit. Flex and stretch when it needs to stretch. I am safe. I am home. I am at peace. All is well.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Things I'm thankful for today:
  • Finding a new blog, Ripplespeak
  • Reading creative blogs, Magpie's Fancy, Far Away in the Sunshine
  • My journaling friends, Norma, Sandi, River
  • Learning about releasing body trauma by reading Peter Levine
  • Noticing synchronicity
  • Working at a university
  • Bright blue autumn skies
  • Naps
  • My fountain pen
  • Notebooks
  • Writing morning pages
  • Texting with my friend in CA
  • received my gift from Glenda--a CD of George Strait singing Christmas songs--fun!  Thank you!
The feeling of joy bubbling up inside—it's been a long time coming!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Artist’s Way Check-In

Recently I joined an on-line group to work through the Artist's Way. I was so excited that I would be able to have company as I worked my way through this book. I've had the book for years and made multiple tries to get all the way through. Usually by week 5 or 6, I would get derailed and then give up.

The on-line group ended unexpectedly. Some of the members are still planning to work through the book. We plan to stay in touch either on our FB connection or through each other's blogs. I have posted in both places, and then realized that I need to post on my own blog. This will help us stay connected, keep me accountable and keep me going.

We have reached the dreaded weeks 5 and 6. Some of us have stumbled. Thanks to our group and the encouragement we find, we realize that stumbling, taking time out, and/or struggling are all a part of the process. They are not reasons to quit. They are reasons to share, to draw strength from one another and then to step back into the flow and continue. I think this may be one of the biggest lessons I am learning—just keep going, stick with the program, and try, try again.

So, here I am. I do my Morning Pages. I have continued this discipline/task/treat since I first learned about them years ago. I have done slivers of Artist Dates; I need to find more ways to add fun to my life. I watch for synchronicity. I record my dreams more often, both night dreams and daydreams. I play with images and words. I read, ponder and share.

With the help of my friends, both on-line and real life, I continue on The Artist's Way.