Monday, November 15, 2010

Artist’s Way Check-In

Recently I joined an on-line group to work through the Artist's Way. I was so excited that I would be able to have company as I worked my way through this book. I've had the book for years and made multiple tries to get all the way through. Usually by week 5 or 6, I would get derailed and then give up.

The on-line group ended unexpectedly. Some of the members are still planning to work through the book. We plan to stay in touch either on our FB connection or through each other's blogs. I have posted in both places, and then realized that I need to post on my own blog. This will help us stay connected, keep me accountable and keep me going.

We have reached the dreaded weeks 5 and 6. Some of us have stumbled. Thanks to our group and the encouragement we find, we realize that stumbling, taking time out, and/or struggling are all a part of the process. They are not reasons to quit. They are reasons to share, to draw strength from one another and then to step back into the flow and continue. I think this may be one of the biggest lessons I am learning—just keep going, stick with the program, and try, try again.

So, here I am. I do my Morning Pages. I have continued this discipline/task/treat since I first learned about them years ago. I have done slivers of Artist Dates; I need to find more ways to add fun to my life. I watch for synchronicity. I record my dreams more often, both night dreams and daydreams. I play with images and words. I read, ponder and share.

With the help of my friends, both on-line and real life, I continue on The Artist's Way.


Sandi Baron said...

Why did the group stop? That is disappointing I am sure. You and Norma were enjoying it so much. This is strange. About ten years ago, I was doing an online group on Artist's Way. We would go to a chat room and challenge each other. However, at chapter six the group just fell a part. Very strange.

glenda said...

I don't have that book, and I can't buy it...I have bought so many in the past, and taken courses upon course, and it seems I can't get anywhere. I saw where they stopped the blog so abruptly.
Sounds like me, but I'm not afraid I won't get better...I sent your little gift to you early last week, have you gotten it.

Linda said...

Sandi and Glenda, I think the group hosts were just overwhelmed with daily life, getting ready for the holidays, etc. Several of the group are still going on through the book. I hope we can make it!

Glenda, I did get the gift yesterday. It was a nice surprise to find after work. I plan to enjoy the Christmas music soon--I always wait until after Thanksgiving before playing Christmas music. My husband and I had a discussion about this--he thinks we should decorate now so our family can enjoy the decorations next week--I told him it is against my rules to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving has been here! He thinks I'm crazy. (This might make a good blog post!)

Jennifer Richardson said...

Bravo! Keep up with those
morning'll be
amazed at what begins to
percolate inside:)
Nice to find you;
I'll come again.
And again!

Linda said...

Jennifer, I am so glad you stopped by! Thank you! I loved discovering your blog yesterday.

Nadja said...

I'm sorry to hear that TAW group stopped. I am happy to hear that you're continuing with your end of it though =) Having gone through it many, many times before ever reaching the end of the book, I can understand how challenging it can be. Notice I didn't say "complete" the book. I feel like I still have to do that. I never did get the hang of the Artist Dates. This time around, I started Finding Water and had a little "break" when "life happened". I still plan to continue with it though.