Friday, October 29, 2010

I won!

I won! I won a gift, a new blog to read and a new friend! Yesterday, I found Serendipity Cottage, a blog by Glenda. She offered a gift to the next person who became a follower and changed her number from 133 to 134. I became a follower and left a comment—and I won! Yay!

Check out Glenda's blog; I think you'll like her. I read through several of her back entries and she sounds like someone who would be fun to know. She's talented, she's funny, and she is also generous.

She likes painting, photography, vintage stuff, garage sales, and so many more things that I also like. Today she mentioned a book that I want to read—I have already been looking for it and just haven't found it yet. And she has already read it!

Drop by her spot in the blogosphere and say Hi! She'll be glad to see you. (I'll be waiting by the mailbox for my surprise gift!)

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