Saturday, August 25, 2007

At Last!

At last! Artful Blogging is mine! MJ (my boss) brought it back from Indy for me yesterday. I was so excited. I have been coveting this magazine since I first read about it, and no one—I mean NOT ONE STORE in Muncie had a copy of it anywhere that I could find. Things have been too busy for me to drive the 50 miles to get to Indianapolis to find one. Thank you MJ! It’s wonderful to have a boss who understands my obsessions. She rocks!

The magazine is so cram packed full of images and bloggers that it’s too rich to read all at once. I had to sip it. I read awhile, then quit to do other things while I mulled over who and what I had seen. I repeated that scenario until the very end when I skimmed through a huge chunk of pages in one gulp! I know I’ll be re-reading them.

I was so surprised to find how many bloggers I already read—AND—how many new ones I have to discover! Yay! It’s wonderful.

The pictures and colors are so vivid. I loved reading every entry.

One thing they emphasized was how blogging is a learning experience. They all had to learn by doing. And so do I. Just do it, Linda! Show up and do it. So here I am again.

Again and Artful Blogging begin with the letter A. So do absence and away. Words that fit into the Alphabet meme started by Bella Dia. I read about it on 37 Days and Becca’s Byline, and it sounds fun. Using the letters of the alphabet to pick a word, one at a time, in a series, to do an Encyclopedia of you. Patti was doing hers daily; Becca is doing hers weekly on Mondays to jumpstart her blogging. It’s really pretty cool.

I think I’m going to begin this too. Although I may choose to write on the same letter for a few days in a row, because I just keep coming up with words and A entries! I was going to use away or absence as my first theme. Instead I began with “At last! Artful Blogging.” I could add awesome to the description of Artful Blogging!

I’ve already written an entry about away and absence. I’ll use it for my next post. It’s long and serious, and I think people’s eyes would cross, and they would give up before they got to the end if I combined it with this post! So more later!