Thursday, May 3, 2007

Life Fills the Well

I've been absent from blogging for awhile, and I've been feeling guilty. Yet, after reading Becca's post today, I realized that I can drop the guilt. Just as she said, life has been busy. So she thinks of these activities that keep her away from blogging as a period of filling the well. Reading the books, listening to music, spending time with family, all serve to enrich our lives. After reading what she wrote, I felt like I could take a deep breath and relax. And guess what? After I let go of the guilt, I felt the desire to come back and connect with the blog world again!

A big part of what has been keeping me away from here has been my grandkids. Two of them are teenagers, and when their computer isn't working at home, they come to my house to do homework and use the internet. That means restricted time for me to get on and noodle around. I don't mind though. I love having them here, and I want them to do well in school. The latest project that my granddaughter (a junior) worked on boggled my mind. It was a multimedia presentation that involved a lot of research and creativity. Her topic included jazz, so I was able to share some of the poetry that William Matthews wrote and some of the CD's that his poetry had inspired me to check out of the library, Charles Mingus in particular.

Then on Saturday, I went to her house to take pictures before she went to the Junior Prom. She looked so beautiful! I look at her, and I'm amazed at her beauty and poise. She borrowed my camera to take with her, so I got to see the shots of her goofing around with her friends. I liked seeing that side of her too.

We also have a little grandson who has been trying to come into the world for the last several weeks. My youngest stepdaughter is in the hospital on bed rest waiting for him to be born. Her labor was progressing too well, even though he isn't due for another 3 weeks. Now that she is far enough along and the doctor said that she can go ahead and give birth, the labor has slowed down. My friend says that is just the stubborn little boy having his way! We went to the hospital again tonight, and again we came home. She still thinks he'll be born before morning. I think she's just tired of lying in that lonely room!

Now you know what has been filling my well lately. And with a family wedding coming up this weekend, a Mother-Daughter breakfast at church, and more trips to the hospital, I'm sure that I'll have more to share soon.

More later!


Becca said...

Linda, I'm glad you gave yourself permission to stop feeling guilty for not writing and look at all the ways life has been helping you "fill the creative well."

Good luck with everything going on, and I hope the new grandbaby makes a safe appeareace really soon!

Linda said...

An author I read recently said that the best poets give themselves the most permissions! And reading your post made me realize that it was possible to look at things from another perspective. Thank you! And in my latest post, I announce that my grandson is here! Thanks for sharing your words.