Monday, May 21, 2007


Saturday, my husband and I went rummaging. I wasn’t really in the mood or excited about visiting all the garage sales that we’d marked in the paper. I even thought that going to the bookstore to sit and read sounded like a much more fun way to spend the day. But he was in the mood to roam and look at things, so away we went. And I am so glad that we did!

I found more bargains on Saturday than I have ever found when I was looking for them. My first find was an ergonomic keyboard for only $3.00—and it works perfectly! The owner had upgraded to a wireless keyboard and he didn’t like the split keyboard anyway. I use one at work and I love it. Once I started using it, my wrists quit hurting. My old keyboard at home then became more of a pain to use, especially if I was typing for a long session. Now I can type as long as I want and feel no pain. And I love the feel of the keys clicking on this new keyboard—I smile every time I use it! I know--I’m such a geek!

Another bargain was an easy-to-assemble Christmas tree for $12.50. Our old tree was the kind that needs all the branches inserted separately and it still left big gaps between the branches. Of course, by the time I had loaded it with my humongous collection of 40 years worth of ornaments, it looked pretty good! But it was a bear to put together. Now I have one that will take me ten minutes, tops, to put up, and it is so full and pretty. My husband thought I was crazy for buying a Christmas tree in May. I pointed out that $12.50 spent in May beats $100 spent in December—and it also beats the dread and frustration that I felt putting the old one together.

I found several books. A Jody Picoult for ten cents. Three coffee table books—one on living in Provence, one about Indiana, and one about the wonders of the Ancient World—for only a quarter each! I had to have those.

And I found a sweet little saucer with colorful blue and orange birds flying around the rim. It reminds me of some that my Grandma had. The finish is crackled and worn. But at ten cents, how could I pass it up?

I am pleased with all my bargains. Not bad for less than twenty dollars, huh?


colleen said...

Hi Linda, I was in an antique shop today and that had two floors full of cool stuff. I want to go back tomorrow. We're shopping for the Floyd Writers Room which is going to be in the new Hotel Floyd.

Linda said...

I read your post about furnishing the Floyd Writers Room. Climbing that ladder must have been exciting!