Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Simple Sunday

Today has been a sort of quiet day--yet also a good day. We found out that they've taken our new grandson off the breathing tube, and he is still doing well. I am so thankful for that. I described my car dilemma to a friend, and her daughter suggested that we check our transmission fluid. She had had the same problem and that was the solution for her. So my husband checked it and it was low--very low! He added transmission fluid, and we're hoping that the problem is solved. We haven't tested it on the highway yet, but it seemed to help even here in town.

Today was the first day that we took our 16 month old granddaughter, Maria, to church with us. We usually take her big sister, who is almost five. Today they both came along, and Maria had a blast! She loved seeing the other little kids and being in the nursery with them. She is normally shy and reluctant around strangers. Today she jumped right in and had a good time. I think this means we will now have two little passengers on Sunday! Since these two girls are big sisters to the new boy, I'm sure their Mom will appreciate the break!

Tonight I happened to see Beach Party with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello (1963). Talk about a blast from the past! I started watching just to see what it was like, what I'd remember, etc. Before I knew it, I had watched the whole thing. Parts of it are so corny! And it is funny in places that I'm sure they didn't mean to be funny! And Annette's hair--it was sprayed and teased and didn't even move when she was flying upside down! My husband came in and asked how I could stand to watch it. I just enjoyed seeing something that I used to love now that I've gained some maturity (or gotten older!). It definitely changes your perspective! It did bring back memories and it was fun. It made me think about how things have changed. I loved seeing Robert Cummings again. So I think it was worth my time to stroll down memory lane. I did draw the line at watching the next show which was Beach Blanket Bingo! A stroll is one thing; I didn't want to turn it into a long walk!

More later!

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Becca said...

Boy, you had a busy weekend! Spring seems to bring so many activities ~weddings, graduations, parties of all kinds. So sad you missed your nephew's wedding :(
But at least the grandson is here and doing well!

Enjoy all the "spring flings" in your life right now!