Sunday, August 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday--a few days late!

Note: I wrote the following entry on Thursday, then Blogger wouldn't let me post anything.  It kept saying "Error on page."  I had made some changes to my layout, so I thought that I had done something wrong.  Finally, tonight (Sunday), I thought to try loading this through FireFox rather than my usual Internet Explorer.  And it seems to be working!
So, even thought it is now Sunday evening, I am still thankful for all these things and more! Here is my original entry:
So far my plans to post more frequently haven’t developed.  Life just seems to be so hectic right now—I remember the title of that movie/song/book? “Stop the World, I Want To Get Off!”  That’s sort of the way things are right now.
So what am I thankful for in the middle of the hustle-bustle?
·        We bought a used car last week, so we are now officially a two-car family again!  After several years of trying to make our car be in two places at once, we can now drive independently.
·        I spent a lovely afternoon with my sister-friend, my nephew and his family this week—lots of fun and reminiscing.
·        Seeing our five-month-old grandson smile when I babble to him.
·        Pinterest
·        Libraries
·        Books of all kinds!
·        Writing in a group—I find our group writing practice/journaling group to be healing and rejuvenating.
·        Ice cream on a hot day!
How about you—what are you thankful for?


Linda said...

Ok, I'm not sure why--but my blog looks fine in FireFox and then shows some kind of code for the bullets in Explorer. I guess I'll be like Scarlett and worry about that tomorrow!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Sometimes blogger can be such
a grumpy mode of communication:)
Glad for all the beauty and simple things that are making you glad. Peace to you in the bustle:)
And big thanks for coming by my place....I enjoyed your visit.

Linda said...

Thank you for stopping by! And thank you for sharing your blog with the world--reading it makes me happy indeed!