Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Simple Things

I read Christina's blog Soul Aperture and feel such deep happiness. She has a way of highlighting the ordinary and making me realize how beautiful daily life can be. I love her posts on simple things and I finally decided to list some of my own.

  • Listening to my four-year-old granddaughter request a book from my "book room"
  • A big pot of chili cooked by my husband, ready when I get home from work
  • Books and my book room
  • Email from my daughter
  • Heated seats in my car when the outside temperature is 16 degrees!
  • Sunshine
  • Phone calls with dear friends
  • Blogs—I love reading blogs!
  • A free bookmark included in my latest book purchase
  • Getting a copy of "The Big Tidy Up" after 30 years! This was a book by Norah Smaridge that I read to my children when they were little. We all loved it—and recently it was re-released—and now I own my own copy! (You can find it on Amazon.)
  • Reading The Big Tidy Up to my granddaughter
  • Covering up with my FuzzyWuzzy (like a Snuggie) in the mornings while I write in my notebook

I love the way reading one blog leads to another leads to another, etc.—and before you know it, you have discovered a site that makes your heart sing—and you are not quite sure how you got there—and you are so glad you did!


Cyndy said...

Hello, Lisa. I am visiting you today in the wake of Christina's love. So glad that you found her, she is amazing and will always make your day! I like your list: dinners made by someone else, the little details that can make a car ride nice, and everything about books. Lovely!

SE'LAH... said...

oh wow...a book room...boy, would i love one of those. nice list here.

one love.

iasa said...

a great list. family is so good for helping us with the simple things

Sherry said...

Blog hopping is so much fun! Your list is delightful and I'd give anything to have a book room!! wow!! And I'd love to have heated seats in my car!! Toasty buns!!! :)

Christina said...

books and a book room. bliss! what a wonderful list.

Linda said...

Cyndy, Se'Lah, iasa, Sherry,and Christina--thank you for visiting my blog! It was exciting to discover your comments this morning. Most of you mentioned my "book room"--it is really my office/studio with two walls of books--and I love it! Truthfully, though, almost all of my rooms could be called book rooms. I have books everywhere in my house! I plan to visit your blogs today. And Christina, I have been reading yours for quite a while, and I love it!

Relyn said...

Our book room is our living room. Two walls are completely lined with bookshelves and I love it. Isn't Christina's simple things such fun? I love how many of us are roaming the blogroads stopping to say hello here and there. So, hello to you. Happy almost-Friday.

Linda said...

Relynn, thank you so much for stopping by. Yes, I love Christina's Simple Things, and I love bloghopping. I find so many wonderful people that way. I think it is great that we can share so much beauty and goodness and love this way.

Travelin'Oma said...

Thanks for leaving a comment! I followed your trail back here and I love your blog. I ordered The Big Tidy Up as I read. I can already tell I like your ideas!

Linda said...

Travelin' Oma,
Thank you for visiting my blog and for the comments. I hope you enjoy The Big Tidy-Up! My grown daughters still have fond memories of it--one because she liked the cleaning up idea and the other because she liked the messy room part!