Saturday, January 19, 2008


It's Saturday, blessed Saturday, a day to unwind from a busy work week. Today the temperature outside was only in the low teens, with a wind chill factor of minus 4 degrees--yikes! The sun was shining early in the day, though, so it was a beautiful day if you didn't have to be out in the cold.

I went to my knitting class this morning. It was exciting. I had finished our assignment and took a picture of it before going to class, because I knew once we got there we would have to frog it and start over. I'm going to insert the picture here, so that is something else new that I will learn how to do. The sample shows 10 rows of knit, 10 of purl, ten of alternating knit rows and purl rows and the most exciting one--alternating knit and purl stitches to create the rib effect.
I was correct about having to rip it all out. We did, and then we started our first real project, a dishcloth. And we can't rip it out, we have to fix our mistakes--yikes! I started knitting like crazy on the dishcloth and got so enthused about it that I stopped and bought three more balls of colored yarn to make some for my daughter. And some yummy red yarn to make a scarf.
I came home and immediately started a new dishcloth and a new scarf--obviously I'm not a patient delayed gratification kind of gal--and I knit like crazy for a while. And now I know that it is possible to have a knitting hangover as well as a reading hangover!
I thought about going to the library this afternoon. Then I thought about the minus four degrees, and I just stayed put. Now it's dark, so I think it's time to put on my comfy warm pajamas and do some websurfing or some reading. I think I'd better give the knitting a rest!
I also tried taking some self portraits with my digital camera today. I've seen these on other sites and admire them so much. Mine always turn out looking goofy though--and I always seem to highlight double chins and other unflattering features. Photography is not my strong suit. So for now, I guess I'll keep looking at the photos on Flickr and keep trying to replicate them. Thank goodness for digital!
Have a safe, warm, cozy weekend if possible. That is what I intend to do. Tomorrow my husband and I are taking our grandson out to dinner to celebrate his upcoming birthday. He'll be 20, which sounds impossible. And as my husband says, when they get to be this age, we don't know what kind of gift to buy, but we do know that they still love to eat--therefore we'll take him out for dinner. And a good time will be had by all!


Becca said...

Linda, I'm so glad to see you've sharpened up your cyber pencil and are writing again. When I read your posts, I always feel as if we're kindred spirits :)

It's funny that you've taken up knitting - I've been considering giving it a try (I'm notoriously bad at any kind of needlework, so I'm a bit hestiant). I was wondering to what good use I could put knitting, when one of the women's groups at church announced a project to knit prayer shawls for shut ins and people who are ill. So, there's my reason for trying it at least.

I'm glad you liked Northanger Abbey. I loved it - thought it was much better than last week's version of Persuasion, actually.

I'll be checking on you, so keep writing, ok?

Linda said...

Thanks for the welcome back! I feel the same feeling of kindred spirits when I read your entries! I'd say give knitting a try. I'm not sure that I'll stick with it--I'm much more inclined to read about knitting! It is fun to make something though. I'm just not sure that I'll ever get to the point where it is relaxing. The prayer shawls would be a good reason to learn. Also, I think some places accept baby blankets and afghans/throws for patients.

Thanks for stopping by.